marc gerritsen


Way back, I promised myself that I would have an interesting life. Yet forty years on and after living in seven countries on four continents, I must admit, I never thought my life would be as rewarding as it is. I owe it all to the people I met on my journeys and the people around me today.
Currently and for the unforeseeable future, I’m living in the far East, but am always open to any new adventure that will take me to other shores for a while.
My background is in design and art. I seek out perfection in shape, form and relations. The Asian environment has seriously challenged my preconceived ideas. Instead of perfection, I found perfect urban jungles, a chaotic jumble of rich ideas and endless possibilities, sprinkled with precious gems.
Most of my long working days are filled with photography, working hard to be ready for any small success. Yet I have not turned my back on design or art, but instead, try to also incorporate these in my working schedule.
I am inspired by the simple things: a brief encounter with a fascinating stranger, the line of a particular curve or a freshly steamed dumpling… These are not things you can write a novel about.... but then again... For me the simple things are about the essence of living.